What makes Covered On Demand Different?

Not all learner drivers get to drive every day. Unfortunately, they are still paying for the days they are not driving. A Covered On Demand policy could save them money.

Traditional Learner Driver Policy.
You buy a 30-day policy but you only get to drive 3 days a week due to commitments, no car or no supervisor. You may be paying £82 for a 30 day policy. That would be £6.83 for each day you use it.

Insurance may be advertised at only £2.73 a day. If you're not driving every day, the true cost could be, £20.50 a day if you only drive for 4 days, £16.40 a day for 5 days, £6.83 a day for 12 days and £5.85 for 14 days. It's £2.73 a day if you use it every day for 30 days.

Covered On Demand Example.
If you buy an On Demand 14 day policy, and use it for 14 days over 30 days, you are only paying for the days you are driving and therefore the daily rate is £3.96. That's a 40% saving on the 12 day example!

The On Demand unique booking system gives you the flexibility to use the insurance when you need it. You can fit in with the car owner's and your supervisor's time. Use it smartly so you are only paying for the days you are actually driving. You can top up days as you go along.

We do ask you to remember, once you have booked the dates, that they cannot be changed; so don't book too far in advance.

It's convenient.
You can book your Insured Days 24/7 on your laptop, smart phone or tablet. You also receive your documents instantly. You can be at home, college, work, or even on the bus, and book your insured days, even for the same day.

We have used the latest technology.
This is the first On Demand Learner Driver insurance, possibly the first On Demand Insurance. Our IT team have used the latest technology to give you a policy that offers something different than a traditional motor insurance policy.

You may want a traditional policy.
Not everybody is comfortable with change or using the latest technology. They maybe better suited to a traditional motor policy. No problem, we understand that. We can still offer them a traditional policy at. www.coveredlearnerdriver.com.

Who Are Covered.
We have over 30 years experience in insurance, IT and marketing, developing innovative products and solutions for major brands. Our customers now benefit from this experience with products like Covered On Demand. We listen and then build solutions. We have delivered insurance solutions to thousands of learner drivers under our brands: Covered Learner Driver Insurance, Covered Owner, National Learner Driver Insurance.

Insurance Product Information Document

Information Document for the Covered On Demand Insurance policy.


Policy Wording

Policy wording for the Covered On Demand Insurance policy.

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