Pay-As-You-Go Insurance in 3 easy steps.
Only pay for the days you're driving.
Not the days you wish you were.


Select your policy term. 12 options starting from £20.16

Complete the really easy application. Seriously, it’s easy and quick.

We email you everything you need to get driving.

Remember you are going to have 100% more time to use the days you buy. No one else offers this.

We have policy Top Up options available. If you need more drive time just top up your days as you go along.


This only takes 2 minutes and you can do it at anytime 24/7.

Use your phone, tablet or PC and go to your personal online driving planner.

Select the days you know you can drive. You do this in advance or at the last minute.

We then email your certificates of motor insurance to you.

Take a look at our HOW TO VIDEOS and see how easy it is.


You’ve selected your insured days and have your documents.

You have Fully Comprehensive cover while you are driving.

The car owner's NCB is covered. They won’t get grumpy if you have an accident.

You're driving when you want to. When you want to drive again you just book more days.

When you select your next Driving Days you only need your PIN; we remember everything else.

Pay As You Go insurance when you're
Learning in someone else's car.

Covered On Demand
Our Pay-As-You-Go policy.

It's the new and smart way of buying and using learner driver insurance.

You only insure the car for the days you can practice, no wasted money if you’re not practicing.

With premiums from £20.16 , it’s an affordable way to start practicing for your test.

You have 24/7 online access to your insurance; you choose when you need cover in advance or at the last minute.

On Demand is a fully comprehensive insurance policy protecting you, the vehicle and the owner’s no claims bonus while you’re practicing to pass your test.

Take a look at our "HOW TO" VIDEOS and see how easy it is to use.

Advantages to you.

If you buy any other Learner Driver Insurance you will pay for the days you're not driving.

You get 100% more time to use the days you purchase for FREE. You can buy additional driving and policy days.

Plan your private practice time when you, the car, and a supervisor are available.

Instant cover and documents to your phone, tablet or PC 24/7.

No APPs or Black Boxes to download or fit.

On Demand; if you’re not driving it's not costing you money.

You’re in safe hands.

Covered Insurance. We are a leading supply of Learner Driver Insurance. We insure thousands of learner drivers every year.

If you have a Claim. Our Claims Helpline is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - there to help you when you need us.

If you have a question. Call our UK customer service centre.

We've changed the way you buy and use insurance.
Find out more Pay-As-You-Go.

What People Are Saying

Learners are saying

Supervisors & Owners are saying

 I just pick the weekends when my husband is about 
 Fits easily with mine and dad's time 
 It’s a perfect birthday present 
 I won't be paying for days I am not driving 
 It's so easy booking days on my smart phone 
 I previously had a 30 day policy and wasted most of it  
 All insurance should be this easy 
 It protects my no claims bonus 
 Wish this was about when I was learning 
 It’s clever and easy to use 
 We only book days when the car is available 
 I can buy extra days if my son needs them 

Who Are Covered

We have over 25 years experience in insurance, IT and marketing, developing innovative products and solutions for major brands. Our customers now benefit from this experience with products like Covered On Demand. We listen and then build solutions.

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Our other policy

Covered On Demand is new, really clever and great for learners who don’t know when a car is going to be available. But we think of everybody. If you want a traditional policy go to COVERED LEARNER DRIVER INSURANCE.

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